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The Real Advent Calendar

by Hazel

St. Mary’s has joined the campaign to share the Christmas story by stocking Fairtrade’s Real Advent Calendar. It might be difficult to believe but recent national surveys show the knowledge of the Christmas story is fading. Among 5 – 7 year olds, 36% don’t know whose birthday is celebrated at Christmas and 72% don’t know […]

Fairtrade Church Status

by Hazel

St. Mary’s has been awarded Fairtrade Church status by the Fairtrade Foundation Trust and a certificate will be displayed in the New Room for all to see. This means the Church has demonstrated its commitment to uphold the Fairtrade principles as far as possible. Fairtrade is a simple way each one of us can make […]

Your Part in the Body

by Hazel

Rev Ian has asked us all to fill in the booklet. If you haven’t as yet please collect a new one in Church or download this one

Rev Ian’s letter about the Scottish Referendum

by Hazel

Vicar’s Letter to ‘The Church Times’ On the Scottish Independence Referendum, 18 September 2014 6th September 2014. From: The Rev Dr Ian Meredith (formerly of the Scottish Episcopal Church) Priest-in-Charge St Mary’s Parish Church Portchester  As a Scot living in exile, though in regular contact with friends and family north of the border, my main […]