advent 1St. Mary’s has joined the campaign to share the Christmas story by stocking Fairtrade’s Real Advent Calendar.

It might be difficult to believe but recent national surveys show the knowledge of the Christmas story is fading. Among 5 – 7 year olds, 36% don’t know whose birthday is celebrated at Christmas and 72% don’t know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Among adults, less than 12% knew the full nativity sadvent 2tory and 51% said that the birth of Jesus was irrelevant to their Christmas, 72% weren’t planning to attend even a carol service and one could go on!. This is the tipping point. Unless St. Mary’s actively in our community share the Christmas story, Christ will continue to be written out of their Christmas.

So here is an opportunity for St. Mary’s to share the Christmas story by buying and giving Real Advent Calendars. To obtain your calendars please use the sign-up form which is in the New Room. Please make it sooner the better but at least by the end of October. This is essential to ensure supplies.

Full details can be found on the information leaflets that have been placed in the pews and on the poster on the notice board at the back of the Church. At £3.99 it is an excellent purchase and what’s more buying this year provides a donation that will help the Funzi Clinic in Kenya to improve clinic facilities for hundreds of mums and their babies on Funzi Island.