St. Mary’s Teas is again organising a Big Brew Event to take place in the New Room on Thursday, 26th February. So make sure you pop in for a cuppa and a piece of homemade cake then make a donation. This will help farmers grow more, earn more and eat more. Surprise, surprise for every £ that is raised the UK Government will double so it will be even more worthwhile to make sure you pop in. Remember smallholder farmers grow 75% of the world’s food yet make up half of the world’s hungriest people.

St. Mary’s Teas is also supporting the FAIR NECESSITIES APPEAL which runs from the 4th January until the 3rd April and again all monies donated is covered by the UK Government’s offer to double every £. So please donate your small change whenever visiting the New Room.

Traidcraft works with smallholder farmers throughout the developing countries, providing training and support to help them work their own way out of poverty. By such assistance whole communities can benefit for years to come. This has a huge effect on health, education and general wellbeing.

The work of the global Fairtrade movement and Fairtrade Premium continues to transform lives and communities. Traidcraft Exchange is the charitable body whose purpose is to encourage more people to buy Fairtrade alternatives. The difference the Fairtrade Premium makes in the lives of the smallholder farmers is significant. It can mean there is more left to spend on healthcare, education, shelter and other necessities for life.


Contributor – David Williams