St. Mary’s launches its 2015 campaign to share the Christmas story by stocking the Traidcraft’s Real Advent Calendar.

It might be difficult to believe but recent national surveys show the knowledge of the Christmas story is fading. Among 5 – 7 year olds, 36% don’t know whose birthday is celebrated at Christmas and 72% don’t know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Among adults, less than 12% knew the full nativity story and 51% said that the birth of Jesus was irrelevant to their Christmas, 72% weren’t planning to attend even a carol service and one could go on!. This is the tipping point. Unless St. Mary’s actively share the Christmas story in our community, Christ will continue to be written out of their Christmas.

So let St. Mary’s once again share the Christmas story by buying and giving the Real Advent Calendars. Those of you who ordered last I will be contacting to confirm you wish to repeat. To others, who wish to obtain one, please make sure you write your order on the sign-up form which is on the notice board in the New Room. Please do so as soon as possible as last year some left it too late and I was unable to supply. Please make sure you write your name in capital letters, quantity required and contact telephone number. It is worth knowing that on page 11 of the Traidcraft Catalogue there are three different Advent Calendars including the Real Advent Calendar so if necessary please quote the relevant stock number as well.

The Real Advent Calendar at £3.99 is an excellent purchase and what’s more buying this year provides another opportunity for Traidcraft to make a donation that will help the Funzi Clinic in Kenya to further improve clinic facilities for hundreds of mums and their babies on Funzi Island. The intention is to raise at least £15,000.

David Williams (contact 023 9238 7869)