Today’s Reflection from Julia Jennings

Last Saturday we would have ‘walked the bounds’ of the Parish as we do each year around the time of Rogation Sunday. Not being able to do that this year, we offer this reflection and prayer.

At Rogation-tide, the time leading up to Ascension Day, prayers are traditionally offered to ask God to bless the land and for a good harvest. As an ‘Allotmenteer’ this is especially meaningful to me and so I offer this prayer:

Dear God
Please bless all the allotment holders and vegetable growers in Portchester. Smile on us as we prepare the soil and plant our seeds.

I have been so grateful that the allotment has remained open during the ‘lockdown’. It is a place of both solace and companionship; it heartens and comforts me and connects me to the wonder of Your Creation.

Bless us with an abundant harvest this year, that we may share our produce with family, friends and neighbours.

The hymn that springs to mind is of course “We Plough the Fields and Scatter”

Photo: By Trevor Harman
Looking across fields and meadows to the southern boundary of Portchester Parish from Hospital Lane.




DOCTORS: Damian Mayo, Jenny Mayo, Charlotte Cox
NURSES: Caroline Frost, Penny Hensman, Ruth Tunski, Jenny Olding, Stephanie Smith
POLICE: Tom Wrenn, Scott Brodrick (RN)
NURSING HOMES: Jemma Frizelle
RETAIL AND FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Chris Jones (Sainsbury’s home delivery driver), Christine Horton (BP Garage, Portchester), Nick Knight (Tescos at Cosham), Natalie Ejemai (Tescos at Fratton) Debbie Foster and
Wendy Castle at Morrisons, Horndean, Keith Fleming-Brown (preparing hot meals for distribution to the
community)and Mark and Wendy Pyatt (delivering food through Portchester Community Centre to the community)

If you have a special prayer request we will put this on the page and ask for your prayers. Contact the Vicar on or phone 02392 375422.

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