Wednesday 1st July


Response to the Blessing Song

The internet, I have always thought, can be both wonderful and terrible but I do believe that there is a reason why this pandemic has happened at a time when we can connect online with people from all over the world. As mentioned in a recent St Mary’s newsletter, the Church can (and is) reaching out to and connecting with an increasing number of people through social media, and I look forward to the daily Facebook posts and the Sunday services on You Tube.

A recent reflection on “the Blessing Song” considered why it has resonated with so many people. For me, it is because of the way we have received it through the internet. When someone sings the song, they are blessing all those that are listening, so to receive that blessing from members of 65 churches throughout the UK, and to see their faces is very powerful.

We then received the Blessing from Justin and Emily and now we have received it from children from all over the world! What can I say? I don’t have the words, but I can now share that blessing with others because of social media.

Worshiping with others is more powerful that worshiping alone and singing and praying with others in the ‘virtual’ world has become so important to help us feel connected to each other and to God. So yes, it would be great if St Mary’s youth could record another version for us to sing along to.

We are not all singers though but we can all pray, so I wondered, could a group of us record the Lord’s Prayer and send it to the IT Guy in the congregation to put the individual recordings together to broadcast during the Sunday Service? I would love to see and hear other members of the congregation as I say this prayer.

If you would like to take part in a recording of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ please email or call Emma at the office.




DOCTORS: Damian Mayo, Jenny Mayo, Charlotte Cox
NURSES: Caroline Frost, Penny Hensman, Ruth Tunski, Jenny Olding, Stephanie Smith
POLICE: Tom Wrenn, Scott Brodrick (RN)
NURSING HOMES: Jemma Frizelle
RETAIL AND FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Chris Jones (Sainsbury’s home delivery driver), Christine Horton (BP Garage, Portchester), Nick Knight (Tescos at Cosham), Natalie Ejemai (Tescos at Fratton) Debbie Foster and
Wendy Castle at Morrisons, Horndean, Keith Fleming-Brown (preparing hot meals for distribution to the
community)and Mark and Wendy Pyatt (delivering food through Portchester Community Centre to the community)

If you have a special prayer request we will put this on the page and ask for your prayers. Contact the Vicar on or phone 02392 375422.

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