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Supporting Mental Health

by Emma Capps

SUPPORTING MENTAL HEALTH Heather Jones posted today’s caption on St Mary’s Lambs Facebook, but we thought it should be shared as widely as possible. In addition, Rev James Hair recently sent this good advice to someone suffering from lockdown anxiety. He has given his permission for it to go onto our Facebook today. “Mental ill […]

Parish Eucharist 15/11/2020

by Emma Capps

Parish Eucharist – Second Sunday Before Advent Celebrant and Preacher: Rev Phil Hiscock Readings: Tony Gillam and Ken Tomlinson

Friday Reflection 13/11/2020

by Emma Capps

Friday 13th November. Today’s reflection from Ann Hair Autumn Glory Vulnerability and Marginalisation On a beautiful Autumn morning, set against a crystal- clear blue sky, the pale golden light illuminated the decaying leaves of summer with russet, gold and reddish tones. Underfoot the spent and fallen leaves crackled and crunched like giant golden cornflakes. The […]

Portchester Remembers 8/11/2020

by Emma Capps

PORTCHESTER REMEMBERS Sadly, because of Covid, we were not able to have the usual service in the precinct this year. However, a few of those who would have been taking part gathered at St Mary’s Church on Sunday morning to record this service. Rev Dr Ian Meredith, RNR (SSC) Councillor Roger Price Commander Steve Shaw, […]