Heather Jones posted today’s caption on St Mary’s Lambs Facebook, but we thought it should be shared as widely as possible.
In addition, Rev James Hair recently sent this good advice to someone suffering from lockdown anxiety. He has given his permission for it to go onto our Facebook today.
“Mental ill health situations vary. It may be important to distinguish those experiencing it for the first time, because of the situation they find themselves in, as opposed to those with mental ill health which Covid lockdowns have exacerbated.
My hunch is that in the first category those most acutely susceptible are those living alone and the ensuing sense of isolation……so it is question of sorting out strategies and also a rule of life. Rhythm , ritual and routine, advocated by Ronald Rolheiser in “the Domestic Monastery “. Time for prayer, time for working, time for walking etc.. Terry Waite recently has spoken of this based on his experiences of captivity.
Provided the person is not housebound through physical or Covid restraints, encourage her/him to walk out each day in places where they know they will see other people.
A friend of mine has just phoned me, Covid restrictions prevented us from meeting. Keeping lines of communication is so important, particularly for those living alone.
With regard to those who have a pre-existing condition, it maybe helpful to encourage them to revisit strategies of coping which they used in the past. Again, keep lines of communication open. Meeting with one other person in an outside space is permitted. People feel better when they can walk and talk.”
We have many people at St. Mary’s who can help you. We have Pastoral Assistants, retired clergy and ministry team, and a whole load of people who don’t have any title but just care and listen. Please let us know if you would like a chat with one of them.
There are a two Christian counselling agencies which we can recommend and have pointed people in their direction, and have found them helpful:
All Saints Counselling Centre based in All Saints Church, Commercial Road, Portsmouth.
Tel: 07464 477994
Psychology Today (Christian Counselling in Fareham)
and also
MIND Solent have a centre in Fareham and can be contacted on 01329 281445.
Positive Minds are based in Portsmouth – 0239282 4795,


Graphic above can be seen in a bigger version here