This is the main time for our church family to get together, we aim to centre ourselves on God in worship, prayer, and listening to what He has to say to us.   The service is a mixture of traditional hymns, modern songs, prayers, children’s talk, and expositional (bringing out what the Bible has to say to us today) ministry. Our aim is to meet with God in a way we can all understand.

Sunday morning is when the church is at its busiest. Our 9:30am service includes the whole church family, with everyone together for the first 10 minutes or so for the start of the service. Then we split up according to how old we are

For children aged up to 4 years old, toys are available, but for those aged 5+ there is a Sunday School. Sunday School takes children between 3 and 8. Junior Church is for children up to 11/12 years of age. Younger and older teens also meet in their own groups. All of this means that all the rooms we have on the premises are put to full use. The adult talks (aka sermons) are delivered by the Vicar, Curate, Readers and occasional visiting speakers.

What to expect…

Meanwhile, back in church, the service of worship continues with prayers of confession, praise, thanksgiving, and asking. A selected Bible passage will be read. Believing that God speaks through the Bible, a sermon seeks to make it clear and applicable, demonstrating its relevance to life today. From time to time we may hear someone tell their ‘faith story’ – either how they came to embrace Christian faith in the first place, or what God is presently doing in their lives.

Our hymns and songs (a mix of traditional and contemporary) are led by our choir but on occasions there is a small band of musicians. The words are in your song sheet for today. Different people take part in our services, either through leading the congregation in prayer, reading from the Bible or leading the service as a whole.

We believe that part of our worship is bringing our gifts of money so that the life, witness and ministry of the church may flourish and grow. This is formally known as ‘the offering’.

At the end of the service, refreshments are served, giving us a chance to catch up with each other and get to know one another better.

On each Sunday our worship includes Holy Communion. Bread is broken and wine is shared as together we remember the loving sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf, but also this is our way of meeting the risen Lord.

The fourth Sunday of the month is usually a Family service, which is shorter, a lot of fun for the children, and has something for everyone.

Start time: 9:30am

What time does service start?: 9:30am and finishes by 10.45am, certainly 11.00 at the latest.
What do I wear? It’s your choice of what to wear as long as it is decent and in order. A suit may be your choice or jeans. We do not judge you based on what you wear; we just want you to come and worship with other believers.
Can I meet the Vicar? Yes, you may meet the Vicar. You can meet him after the service has ended, and/or you may make an appointment if the matter is personal.
Where do I park? There are multiple parking areas located outside the Castle…& the parking is free. If you have a Blue badge you are welcome to bring your car into the Castle grounds.
What else happens on Sunday? At times, we have evening services in Church and on the first Sunday of the month Tea & Company meet. So, the key is to check out the calendar daily.
Can I bring a snack or cake for my child’s birthday? We request you contact the Youth Leadership Team for more information.
Where do I go? Our front door is a few minutes’ walk from any parking location outside the Castle. Just walk in through the Lych Gate.
Where do my children go? Our Children’s Church is located in rooms off of church for the under 12’s. The older children go to the Landgate for their time together.
What is the worship service like? “We are not ashamed to praise the Lord.” The Word is brought forth by Revd Ian Meredith, our vicar. Our service is mostly traditional following the service sheet.
What does the Church believe?  We are a body of believers who know that no single one of us is complete without the gift of salvation from the One that makes us whole. We strive together to be more like the Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to light the way for others to come to know Him. Our passion is to reach a lost and hurting world for Christ and to bring healing to the wounded hearts of those in our community. We want to reach out to you.
What happens on other days? Usually, there is a Wednesday Mid Week evening Eucharist, morning prayer at 9.30 in church and Friday Morning Eucharist in the Parish Hall. 

There are many other events so please check our Events Page for more information.