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Sunday Service 18/10/2020

by Emma Capps

St. Luke’s Day Parish Eucharist Celebrant: Rev David Simpson Deacon: Tim McIlroy Readings: Jennifer Jackson and Barbara Andrews Intercessions: Steve Traer

Sunday Service 11/10/20

by Emma Capps

Service of the Word Preacher: Tim McIlroy Service Leaders: Carol Gay and Rev Ian Meredith Readers: Pauline and Jeff Gennings Intercessions: Leroy Osbourne

Daily Blog (COVID-19) 14/08/2020 Friday Reflection

by Emma Capps

THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY Our church, like many others, is dedicated to St Mary, the Mother of our Lord. In the Anglican Church there are five special Feast Days in which she is commemorated, and the principal one is on Saturday – 15th August. In the west and in Roman Catholicism it is known as […]

Daily Blog (COVID-19) 13/08/2020

by Emma Capps

Thursday 13th August. Today’s reflection from Julia Jennings PRAYER, PRAISE AND PLANTS I came across this blog at I have found it difficult to know how to pray in and for these trying times. I’m currently working from home and my sunny windowsill is filled with a variety of herb and chilli plants of varying […]

Daily Blog (COVID-19) 12/08/2020

by Emma Capps

Wednesday 12th August Today’s reflection from Rev Ian Beirut explosion: church altar’s survival brings hope St Dimitrios Greek Orthodox Church in Achrafieh is less than a kilometre away from where the Beirut explosion took place. Father Youil Nassif rushed to the church to check for damage, finding the nave completely ruined. But the sacred altar […]