The Diocesan Commitment to the Prevention of Child Abuse

The Diocese recognises the reality of the abuse of children, which can sometimes occur within the community of the church. The diocese and each parish wish to play their part together with parents, schools and other agencies in the prevention of such abuse. We also recognise that the community of the Church may be the safe place for a child or an adult who has been abused to make a disclosure.

Most abuse of children and young people is committed by someone known to them and trusted by them, within the family, among friends, or in the local community. There is no single way to prevent abuse. It will always occur: therefore various measures need to be used at all times to decrease the possibility of abuse.

These include:

  • Procedures for both Diocese and parishes following the discovery or disclosure of abuse
  • Procedures to be followed in recruitment of both paid and volunteer staff.
  • Guidance for parishes in order to decrease opportunities for abuse, including declaration forms and Criminal Records Disclosure Applications
  • Advice on providing a safe physical environment
  • Advice on recognising the signs and symptoms of child abuse and responding to its discovery and disclosure
  • Ongoing support and training


More Information

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POLICY, PROCEDURES & PRACTICE: Safeguarding Handbook ‘In Safe Hands’



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has been harmed and urgent action is needed.


To download forms from the Diocesan Safeguarding Handbook please click here

To download continuation sheets or evidence seen sheets please click here



Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Ian Berry:  acts as a contact point for those in the church and community to ensure that the Diocese of Portsmouth maintains the highest standards of safeguarding for all children and adults.  Promotes good practice in safeguarding, ensuring an appropriate pastoral and professional response to concerns and issues.  Ian has a background in Child Protection, and since 2005 has been directly involved in the safeguarding of children and young people.

Tel: 0754 456 6850                             ian.berry(at)

Training and Policy Adviser

Mary Daisy:  Ian is supported by Training & Policy Adviser, Mary Daisy.  Mary is responsible for delivering all Safeguarding Training throughout the Diocese. Mary also is responsible for monitoring the implementation & application of Child Protection & Vulnerable Adult policies and procedures throughout the diocese, and in encouraging good practice and support of procedures throughout parishes.

Tel: 02392 899677                            mary.daisy(at)

Mary’s usual working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday mornings.

Safeguarding Administrator

Theresa Winship: works closely with the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisers, to help co-ordinate, plan and monitor all aspects of safeguarding work within the Diocese. Central point of contact for all vetting enquiries.

Tel:  02392 899665                          theresa.winship(at)

Theresa’s usual working days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Diocesan Safeguarding Panel

Ian is also supported by a Diocesan Safeguarding Panel appointed by the Bishop. The panel acts in a voluntary capacity to provide a professional advice and support service to respond to issues which may have serious implications for parishes and individuals. It is comprised of a number of highly qualified professionals with considerable experience of all aspects of Safeguarding, working with both victims and ex-offenders. Panel members include senior social service and probation service managers, a consultant paediatrician and an NHS psychotherapist. The clergy is represented by the Ven Gavin Collins as chairman and also by the bishop’s chaplain, the Revd Karen Schmidt.