Our life together at St Mary’s is funded by donations from regular worshippers, friends of the Church and visitors.  Your donation will go into our ‘General Fund’ and will be used to support a whole host of important aspects of Church life.  Perhaps it may end up helping to fund repairs to the fabric of the ancient building, providing resources for the assemblies we lead in local schools, or financing the essential work we do with the bereaved or the housebound.  Either way, we promise to put your donation to good use – we are very grateful for your support and generosity.

We also give a portion of all donations and regular giving to local, national and international charities. 


Making a Donation

There is a very good Direct Debit system for regular giving to the church called the ‘Parish Giving Scheme’. It is recommended by our Treasurer and was introduced to the congregation during our Annual Meeting in 2020. If you would like to sign up, this can be done online HERE or please call 0333 002 1260 with the following details to sign up. Along with your account details , you will need the name/location of the church (St. Mary’s, Portchester in the diocese of Portsmouth), and you will also be asked for a code which identifies our Parish. The correct code (also known as the PGS code) for St. Mary’s is 290629021. 

Help for signing up online to the Parish Giving Scheme can be found here.

Electronic Funds Transfer

If you’d like to make a donation (by electronic funds transfer) towards the ministry and mission of St Mary’s, then please use the following details:

  • Account no: 01581431
  • Sort code: 30-93-17
  • Account name: St Mary’s PCC

Giving by Cheque

If you would prefer to make a payment by cheque please make it out to “St Mary’s PCC” and send it to the Parish Office, Portchester Parish Hall, Assheton Court, Portchester, PO16 9PY.

One-off Donation

If you would like to make a one-off donation please use the following button.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a Government scheme. It is a way for St Mary’s as a charity to increase the value of gifts of money from you as a UK taxpayer by claiming back the basic rate tax paid by you. It can increase the value of donations by a quarter at no extra cost to the donor.

If you pay income tax at the basic rate of 20% on your annual salary and you make a donation of £100 we can claim back the tax, which you have already paid, on this money – in this case £25!

Are you interested in giving to St Marys in this efficient way? If so please see Kay Walker or Keith Phillips, in church or fill in the forms on the church website. You can give in several different ways

  • Through your bank account
  • In regular weekly envelopes
  • In regular monthly envelopes

BUT we need a declaration form signed by you to claim the tax back.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you are already giving to St Mary’s a huge THANK YOU.

NOTE: If kindly donating and eligible for gift aid please use the following form to enhance your donation.