January 23, 2022 @ 8:00 am – 8:45 am
St. Mary's Church

Sunday 8:00am Holy Communion

COVID RESTRICTIONS – You won’t need to pre-book for this, as numbers are not likely in excess of 60, but please come to this if you can, to ease pressure on the 10.30am service.

This is a quieter and more reflective service lasting around 45/50 minutes.  There are not usually hymns sung, apart from on special times of the year such as Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas.

The words used are more traditional, and the service is based on the Book of Common Prayer first published in 1549.  Although these prayers may be considered by some as ‘traditional’ they were very innovative and daring when first introduced!  They were the first prayers ever said in English at parish churches in England.  Previous to this, the service would have been said in Latin.

The service is attended by around 40 people.  Although children are of course welcome, it is not particularly ‘child friendly’ and there is no Sunday School or special provision for children.