Lent and Easter 2021

We have some interesting resources for Lent which we hope many of you will engage with.

This page will be updated frequently with the latest services, reflections and resources


Each Sunday in Lent our sermons will correspond with one of the Bible characters in our Lent course. We will be thinking of five people who encountered God in the desert and the difference this made to their lives. They will be available on our YouTube channel each Sunday and posted here on Mondays.

Lent Course

Prepared by Diana Bolton who has written several courses in the past, these should be started from Monday 22nd February following the Sunday sermon.  Even if you are not able to listen to the sermon, these are ‘stand alone’ studies. You are encouraged to meet in Zoom groups to participate in this course, or you can use it on your own.  You can download your copy here which can either be A5 size (8 page) handouts, or an A5 booklet form (4 pages).  If you don’t have a printer we have booklets available.  Just contact the Parish Office and we will get one to you.

Navigating Through Lent

Rev Phil has prepared a series of meditations for his seafaring congregation but has kindly offered to share them with us.  They will be broadcast via our Facebook each Wednesday.

Phil writes, “In these very different and difficult times, finding our way through, looking to normality and the uncertainties of the future is very much part of our lives. Lent, in our Christian tradition, is a period of about six weeks before Easter. It is a time in which Christians try to be quiet and thoughtful, thinking about the Faith journey and preparing themselves for Easter. They try to pray a lot, to examine their love for God and our ‘neighbours’ and often give up some of the things they might otherwise do. As I started thinking about these things, my thoughts turned towards the sea and some of the ‘parables’ and Reflections that challenged my thoughts. So I invite you to share my thoughts in the Five Weekly Sessions..”

Lent 1. (24/2) Maps and Charts      Psalm 119. 105-112, 133
Lent 2. (3/3).  Planning the voyage  Acts 27 6-13 and  Wisdom of Solomon 14.3
Lent 3. (10/3) Following the lights   Hebrews 12 1-3. and Proverbs 3 6.
Lent 4. (17/3) Fog and Storm        Acts 27  14-44                   
Lent 5. (24/3) Pilot on board         Mark 4 35-41 and Psalm 107. 23-30
Each short weekly session consists of  Session Collect, Bible reading(s), Presentation, Asking the question, Intercession prompts and Closing music.

Junior Church

Our Junior Church @ Home videos will continue while in lockdown and be available on our YouTube channel each Sunday and then posted here on Mondays.

Together @ Lent