Nell Wycherley – Reader

Nell Hall was born in Barbados. With two older brothers she grew up in a Christian family; was baptised as an infant and later confirmed in the Anglican church. She enjoyed her schooling at the Ursuline Convent and Queen’s College, Bridgetown, Barbados. Sport, art and music, singing in assemblies and  debating serious subjects were favourites; she enjoyed the camaraderie, clowning and social banter of school life.

She writes, “Church was always a part of family life.  The formal ritual, the sermons and liturgy of Holy Communion services had a subtle and positive influence. Soul- searching for connection and meaning, for the reality of God, for purpose and personal value! This poverty of spirit was met with the blessing of a friend in Christ who enfolded me into knowing that God loved me, EVEN ME, and that His love revealed in Jesus Christ was for EVERYONE, and for me to share.

Boosted with confidence and prayer, and trained in the classical and operatic style, I travelled abroad as a Happy-go- Lucky Singer, always rejoicing in God’s Spirit. Eventually from the USA and Italy I arrived in the UK in 1963, still singing.

In 1967 Bill Wycherley and I got married. In 1979 with our two children Kathryn and John, we moved to Portchester and St. Mary’s. Divorced in 1988; now blessed with four grand- children, Ben, Eleanor, Tom and Jamie.

 In 1988 I was appointed by the then Chest Heart and Stroke Association, to  be organiser of the Portchester Stroke Club. It continues.

 “We have a gospel to proclaim” was my constant passion. I was allowed to train and was licensed as a Reader in 1998 . As leader of one of St. Mary’s House Groups I enjoy our sharing of the Good News. The longing to find words and light to convey this Good news of God’s love never ceases. That revelation of love in Jesus and Light through his Spirit continues to enfold and inspire me.