Roger Millard – Verger

Roger was born in Milford Haven, South Wales – mainly because his dad was in the Navy and his ship was stationed there. The family moved back to Gosport where he grew up. He attended Gosport Grammar School (now Bay House School).

During his teenage years, his life mainly centred around St. Thomas’s Church in Elson. He served at the altar; helped to run the church youth club; was Assistant Scout Leader and later Cub Leader. In his late teens and early twenties he served on the Parochial Church Council. It was at St. Thomas’s that he met his wife as she came to Portchester to teach, having closed her eyes and stuck a pin in a map. He has a daughter and son and three grandchildren.

On leaving school he became a dockyard apprentice. The day he started his training he knew it wasn’t for him but is now pleased that he completed the five year term. On completion of his apprenticeship, he managed to become a design draughtsman with the Department of the Environment. Whilst working in the drawing office he gained promotion and was moved to East Sussex where they lived for fourteen years.

During their time there Roger became involved in school activities that his wife organised and decided he would like to become a teacher. He embarked on a Teacher Training Course in Eastbourne as a mature mathematics student. He trained to teach junior age children but there were no junior school posts available so he ended up teaching secondary age mathematics.

He secured a junior school job at St. John’s College in Southsea where he taught for seven years. Since then he has taught at a number of different schools, including a school for severely handicapped children which he found challenging but loved.

He works as a volunteer in the Tea Room and loves his job as Verger.