Ron Prior – Tea Room Manager

As a young child Ron always wanted to do something with boats or catering. At the age of 13 he went to work in a French bakery as a Saturday boy.
At the age of 16 they took him on as a full time assistant baker. He qualified whilst on the job and worked his way up through the ranks be an assistant manager.
Ron started to attend St Mary’s Church because their next door neighbour wanted Lynn and himself to be their daughters Godparents. The requirement at the time was that the parents had to attended services for six months before they could baptise their daughter. Ron and Lynn decided to go with them for support. It was at that point that his journey with St Mary’s began! From the moment he walked through the door he knew it was where he wanted to be.
Ron jumped into volunteer roles at St. Mary’s, he joined the social team which he now leads. The team organises many social events within the Church and Ron also helps to run the annual Christmas Dinner at the Parish Hall.
Before he became our Tea Room Manager he was working at Cackleberries, but when he saw the advertised job at St. Mary’s he knew it was the perfect job. Ron has an excellent team of volunteers who help run the tea room and has brought some exciting options to expand the Tea Room menu.